Happiness is the universal force to be attained as the final objective of humanity.”

A man walks to his father’s castle to flood it, one by one, bucket by bucket. It’s an “underwater mystery” he thought, the father would have to navigate through the floating furniture, to avoid any injury. He spent a few hours talking to the television about his plan, Nixon looked right at him, over the radio and blamed it on the man. The father is to swim…they say you can’t judge a fish by his ability to climb a tree, but you can judge a man who beats his “underwater mystery”.

Story byJ.U.C.

After a long blue flat with the clouds in all directions, the fishermen get plump from their homebrewed concoctions. With lightning rods to make the herds go astray, explore and build for other farmers each day. Got the papers to give us the pass, but the leather cones keep spiking up in the worst places. Millions of faces and the land repeats itself, every nook and cranny has been duplicated.

Everyone has the same eye sometimes and the mission gets set aside to form a synthetic divide of the divergent mind. It’s alright! It’s okay! It’s something to live for! Jesus told me so!

So now we’re locked outside and it’s getting dark, everyone’s looking somewhere and my everyone will be free forever.

So there may be time of conflict, but the horizon is shifting, and ignore the sunspots that tell you we’ve stayed the same.

What we need is unidentified, it’s a force, a halo of true luminescence upon our misdeeds and ever changing farce. The love and hate will continue on in our terrestrial plane. Unless…

What if there’s a blessing in the midst?

Some fragment of an idea that fell through the cracks, found years later in a serendipity. Incorporate into my frameworks and assist the equilibrium of my autonomy thoroughly.

Your anatomy, your social standing, are you a probiotic? Where are you?

Happiness is the universal force to be attained as the final objective of humanity. Perhaps in this state or the technologically augmented form which will break the barrier between the dream world and the daily man. There are black and white pyramids and lead sphinxes on the playing board. When the reflections are just right we get a real nice solar event!

We can’t line them up just right or they’ll know. The angles are more important as the changes are minute. Our time crystal structure has not yet been created, and all of our luck has disintegrated, predictions scary or inaccurate we debate daily, but we won’t know until we know it’s meaning.

Uppercase = Black, Lowercase = White

X xxX xX x xxxx The Saviors

Vvv Vvv VVvVv The Peasants

YyyyyY YyyY YYYyy The Warriors

ZzZzZz zzz zzzz ZZ- The Evildoers

Black Pyramid————————zzZzzZzzSphinx—vvv—xxvV xxx–xxY–White Pyramid

Stuck in a meaning hole surfing through the signals, reinvigorating the sulci by exploring the structure.

Words birth words and families and the goods. A fragile environment when one cog is out of place.

Reinforcements needed daily as well as charms and tokens. I feel my talisman in every placement. I know when wind chimes are bustling.

# # #

Submitted by J.U.C. to be published on lightmillenium.org in 2017, and posted on November 18, 2018.

Photo credit #Lightmillennium

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