Visionary Founder

Yuksel Oktay (April 14, 1937 - April 14, 2012)

The visionary founder of Turkish Library and Museum for Peace and Friendship is Mr. YUKSEL OKTAY

(April 14, 1937 – April 14, 2012).



Visionary Co-Founders of the TLM are:

Isa Alemdag, Communications, Information, Digital Publishing & Visionary Co-Founder

Bircan Ünver, Project Development, Official Formation & Visionary Co-Founder; Founder-President and Head
NGO Representative to the United Nations Department of Public Information
The Light Millennium Organization –

Karahan Mete,
Business Plan, Fund Raising & Visionary Co-Founder

TLM was introduced globally in February 2011 by Yuksel Oktay along with the visionary co-founders (Isa Alemdag, Bircan Unver and Karahan Mete).

Isa Alemdag, Karahan Mete, Yuksel Oktay, Bircan Unver @ Istanbul Meeting January 2012

Isa Alemdag, Karahan Mete, Yuksel Oktay, Bircan Unver @ Istanbul Meeting January 2012

Turkish Library and Museum Report 1 – 28 February 2011 (91)

Turkish Library and Museum Report 2 – May 2011 (110)

TLM Project supported by the following websites:

Nation Of Turks (NOT)

The Light Millennium (LM)

Işık Binyılı (IB)


Targeted city – country: New York, United States

Contact: Bircan Ünver, E-mail: contact(at)
Isa Alemdag: info(at)

Web site:

Disclosure: As an ongoing project, the U.S. Turkish Library & Museum Project has been incorporated with The Light Millennium Organization with 501-c-3 Tax-exempt status in October 2014.

About Yüksel Oktay
Yuksel Oktay (April 14, 1937 - April 14, 2012)

Yuksel Oktay (April 14, 1937 – April 14, 2012)

Mr. Yüksel Oktay was a prolific writer in issues ranging from Turkish politics to Armenian relations, and especially in regards to his unending love and respect for Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.  Although an engineer by profession, he was more of a tireless traveling reporter writing from many parts of the world.

Mr. Oktay was an international energy consultant with over 40 years of experience in power plant design, construction and development. He had been based in Turkey since 1995, and provided technical, advisory and in-country representative services to utilities and independent power producers interested in power projects in Turkey, including the identification, selection, development and financing of power projects, selection of joint venture partners and coordination with potential developers, advisors and government officials. He was heavily involved in introducing several US energy companies to joint-venture opportunities with Turkish sponsors of independent power projects. He was Country Manager, Turkey for Edison Mission Energy, responsible for business development activities there, including the preparation of country strategic plans. He participated in the development of Doga Enerji’s Esenyurt 180MW CCGT Cogeneration Project and the management of the Doga Enerji office in Istanbul as General Manager for Doga Enerji. He joined Edison Mission Energy in from the New York office of Raytheon E&C (formerly known as Ebasco Services Inc) in 1995 after a 30 year career with the company, involving a series of engineering and management roles with regard to major projects in the power generation sector in many States and in Japan, Mexico, Korea and Spain.,

He held a BSc degree in Engineering Science from Antioch College, Ohio, and MSc degrees in Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering from Colombia University, New York. He was fluent in both Turkish and English, andwas resident in Washinton New Jersey with frequent visits to Turkey, a country that he loved although he went to the States to pursue his education after graduating from Tarsus American High School in 1957.

Mr. Yüksel Oktay was a founding member and first president in 1970 of Society of Turkish American Engineers, Scientists and Architects (MIM), New York, NY and was a founding member of the Project Management Institute, Istanbul, Turkey. He was also the president of the Federation of the Turkish American Associations (FTAA) in New York in 1973. Yüksel was a visionary, an intellectual, an avid reader of history, and a prolific researcher and writer. He always fought for the truth and justice and he did that with endless energy, determination, compassion, and elegance. During the few past years, he was leading the great project for the establishment of a Turkish Library and Museum.

Mr. Yüksel Oktay passed away at home on Saturday on his 75th birthday, April 14, 2012. Mr. Oktay was born on April 14, 1937, in Niğde, Turkey.

"The U.S. Turkish Library & Museum For Friendship and Peace" project joined, and has been produced under the umbrealla of The Light Millennium Organization effective on October 15, 2015.