The aim of the Institution will be to provide an opportunity for the Turkish-Americans, Turkic-Americans, Americans and the world travelers to the Capital Culture of the World to learn about the true face and the contributions of Turks to the world peace started through the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder and the first President of the secular Republic of Turkey (2). It will also serve as a scholarly research center on things Turkish.

2015 will mark the 100th Anniversary of the victory of the Ottoman navy and army in defeating the forces of the allied forces at Dardanelles and the appearance of Mustafa Kemal Pasa in  the world scene who changed the course of history. Other events took place in that year as part of the World War I which will also be commemorated. The opening of the Turkish Grand National Assembly in Ankara on April 23, 1920 led to the creation of the Republic of Turkey on October 29, 1923 and the election of Mustafa Kemal Pasa as its first President who later took the name of Ataturk, the Father of Turks.

The first Turkish Library in the United States

The first Turkish Library in the United States was established in 1973 by the Federation of Turkish-American Association as part of the 50th anniversary celebration programs.  Prof. Talat Halman, the late Prof. Oguz Reha Turkkan and the writer were among the few Turks who donated books to the library. However, the project has not been continued and there is no ibrary.

An organization was also established in 1973, Turkish Cultural Center, with the goal of building a Community Center, which has also not been achieved. There is an ongoing study to establish a Turkish-American Community Center in Maryland, near Washington DC, but even though the land has been purchased, the project has not been started yet. A few months ago, a public meeting was held at the site, but details have not been made available on the feasibility and the acceptability of the Project yet.

There are many excellent museums in Turkey and new ones are being opened as the interest in Museums is growing. Commentaries on some of these museums are given in the Commentaries section below. Directors of these museums will be contacted to discuss the proposed activities and plan for future joint exhibitions.

"The U.S. Turkish Library & Museum For Friendship and Peace" project joined, and has been produced under the umbrealla of The Light Millennium Organization effective on October 15, 2015.