A new Society will be established solely for the creation of the US Library and Museum for Friendship and Peace (TLM) in New York City, as a non-profit, tax exempt organization in the US, and a sister institution, Türkiye Kütüphanesi ve Müzesi (TKM) in Talas, Kayseri, the center of Turkey for many. At present, a few dedicated individuals, both in Turkey and the United States, have tentatively accepted to work on this Project on a temporary basis which will be followed by forming the association below to organize the activities for the establishment of the TLM.

Working Group

For the preparation introduction of the Project, a temporary ‘’Working Group’’ has been established. Fort he time being, the Working Group will be managed by Yuksel Oktay (Washington, NJ), Isa Alemdag (London) and Bircan Ünver (New York).

Governance of TLM

Following the initial work by the Task Force, a permanent Association will be established fort he governance of the YLM and committees will be formed, such as for Fund Raising, Building Acquisition, Turkish Library and Museum Design Competition.

"The U.S. Turkish Library & Museum For Friendship and Peace" project joined, and has been produced under the umbrealla of The Light Millennium Organization effective on October 15, 2015.