Poetic Diary II.
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Following “A City in Space” titled dream, 1.5 – 2 years later, this time I am in Istanbul… 

To my son John Unver’s  21st Birthday…

It was exactly fifteen years before this event that
the Passport of World Citizenship had grabbed my attention…
I had first seen it among his prizes in the library of Sir Arthur C. Clarke
at the Barnes Place in Colombo,
during my first visit on December 20, 2002…

In response to the calls, I had already registered my name numerous times
for the rockets fired by NASA and the NEW HORIZONS in the following years…

Even though there is no possibility of me going to space or seeing it in person,
with the excitement and consolation with a probability that
my name will reach out to other planets and
another civilization might be seeing it in the future!

In pursuit of this and similar interests spread out over the years,
I had joined the international conference titled “Outer Space Activities”,
which lasted exactly a full-week at the UN Head Quarters in New York, In the last week of July 2015.

Today, by engaging on to the subjects of Space, Future and Humanity’s Unison in it
towards a collective conscience as a single human family and a better Future for us all
I pulled myself out of the day to day political news of the events that have been taking place
both in Turkey and the USA for some time and pulling down citizens’ courage and morale…
With the citizenship call and rights of Asgardia,
       which has aimed on the path of becoming the first space nation
Aimed to be established with the principles of separation of power and secularism
I have already voted for its flag, emblem and the anthem.

Yes, even though it may not be possible to go and see Mars, Jupiter or other planets
for my generation and billions and billions of people in this lifetime on the planet Earth,
As a citizen of the planet Earth and Cosmos, I am certain that –at least– I will be witnessing it in my lifetime,
both the launching into space of the satellite, Asgardia-1 in winter of 2017
And acceptance by the United Nations as a new member state
within its Vision, Goals and the Constitution as “The First Space Nation: Asgardia

Who knows, sometimes life can take a person
 Far beyond what s/he ever can dream of…

Drawing by J.U.C., N.Y., 2011.

Written in Turkish
on August 9-18, 2017 in Küçükyalı – Istanbul.
English adaptation is January 6, 2018

Translated from Turkish to English by Fatma SARIKAYA
English revision is dated January 6, 2018.

Footnotes not marked in the text:

  1. New Horizons
  2. Multilateral Negotiations on “AN INTERNATIONAL CODE OF CONDUCT FOR OUTER SPACE ACTIVITIES”, United Nations, New York, July 27-31, 2015.
  3. The Association of World Citizens
  4. Asgardia: According to Norse mythology, it is one of the nine planets that the Gods’ of the space tribes live.

Also, registered with the Insight Mission Mars on October 16, 2017.

Special Thanks to: Fatma Sarıkaya for her contribution to making this available in English as well.

Above “Poetic Diary” is an adaptation from its Turkish originally written-and-printed version in the “Işık Yollarında” Poetry book (2017, Istanbul). This is not a verbatim translation.  #IşıkYollarında @IşıkYollarında B.Ü.

For the original format of this, please click on here>

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