One hundred and twenty peacekeepers of the joint peacekeeping company of Kazakhstan’s Peacekeeping Regiment arrived in the Lebanese Republic to participate in the mission of the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL), serving as part of INDKAZBATT. It is for the first time in the history of Central Asia that a peacekeeping contingent from the region is participating in a UN peacekeeping operation.
The necessary pre-deployment training, specific to this mission, was carried out for the personnel of the Kazakh contingent, both in India and Kazakhstan, the latter by an Indian mobile training team. 

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by Rene WADLOW*
Seeing with eyes that are gender aware, women tend to make connections between the oppression that is the ostensible cause of conflict (ethnic or national oppression) in the light of another cross-cutting one: that of gender regime. Feminist work tends to represent war as a continuum of violence from the bedroom to the battlefield, traversing our bodies and our sense of self. We glimpse this more readily because as women we have seen that ‘the home’ itself is not the haven it is cracked up to be. Why, if it is a refuge, do so many women have to escape it to ‘refuges’? And we recognize, with Virginia Woolf, that ‘the public and private worlds are inseparably connected: that the tyrannies and servilities of one are the tyrannies and servilities of the other.’  (Cynthia Cockburn, Negotiating Gender and National Identities)

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