Celebrating Gandhi’s 149th Birthday, and in support of The United Nations’  International Day of Nonviolence on 2 October, which is ‘the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi for whom non-violence was at the center of his life and thought.’
Rene by WADLOW, President
Association of World Citizen
“I do not believe that the spiritual law works in a field of its own.  On the contrary, it expresses itself only through the ordinary activities of life.  It thus affects the economic, the social and the political fields.
– Mohandas K. Gandhi
For Gandhi, non-violence was an expression of spiritual law, the way in which the spiritual energy of the universe manifested itself in physical form. “There is a soul force in the universe which, if we permit it, will flow through us and produce miraculous results.”  There were three aspects of life in which Gandhi was particularly concerned with the expression of the spiritual law of non-violence.  The first was his own personal atunement with the spiritual energy, which he sometimes called ‘God’ or ‘Truth’ or ‘Love’ but often left unnamed.  He also believed that this spiritual atunement had to be followed by the persons working closely with him — a view which often led to difficulties as many of his followers saw non-violence as an effective technique against English domination and not necessarily as a guiding principle of life.

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