Autobiographic Poetic Diary

Dedicated to my dear sister Olcay Ünver and my immediate Family in Istanbul…

One half of me is from Turkey
The other half America
My country of birth – my roots and the first half of my life rests in Turkey
The second half of my life – almost thirty-years-long following it rests in America

Bircan ÜNVER

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Poetic Diary II.
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Following “A City in Space” titled dream, 1.5 – 2 years later, this time I am in Istanbul… 

To my son John Unver’s  21st Birthday…

It was exactly fifteen years before this event that
the Passport of World Citizenship had grabbed my attention…
I had first seen it among his prizes in the library of Sir Arthur C. Clarke
at the Barnes Place in Colombo,
during my first visit on December 20, 2002…

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Poetic Diary – I. While I was in New York about one-and-a-half to two-years ago…

There is a perception that everything exists in the universe as if it has been reflected through the mind of mankind…

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I was in a forest densely filled with very tall and wide pine trees
There was a hillside at the entrance of the forest…
Just like the one at the entrance of the Forest Park by the Park Lane
which is 10 minutes from where I live
However, all the pine trees on the hillside were uprooted and carried away
The earth in the denuded open area was still very fresh and wet
As if it was fallowed that day with the purpose of farming!

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IŞIK YOLLARINDA ~ İçindeki ışığı arayan tüm yeryüzü dostlarına…

Medya Bülteni | 20 Eylül 2017
Yeni Kitap: IŞIK YOLLARINDA ~ İçindeki ışığı arayan tüm yeryüzü dostlarına…
Kategorisi:  Şiir, Şiirsel Günce ve Deneme
Kitap: Bircan Ünver

Bircan Ünver’in IŞIK YOLLARINDA ~ İçindeki ışığı arayan tüm yeryüzü dostlarına… adlı yeni kitabı, “Dünya Şiddetsizlik ve Barış” için “pasif direniş“in babası olan Mahatma Gandhi’nin doğum gününde 2 Ekim 2017 tarihinde çıkıyor!


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