The Arab Spring
Article By Chaimae NACIR*
History has proven over centuries that when a society is facing high unemployment rates, political corruption, inflation and sectarianism, revolution is an obligation rather than a choice.
Over the last two centuries, the world had been exposed to three main revolutionary waves which are: the European revolution 1848 “July Days”, the 1989 revolution “Spring of Nations”, and recently the 2011 revolution “ the Arab Spring.”

During the 19th Century, fundamental economic changes characterized by the consolidation of wealth, caused massive unemployment as well as the outbreak of famine, which led to uprising and revolutions. [Read more…]


This piece is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of the new book,
“Journey into Europe: Islam, Immigration, and Identity”.

 Chapter 1 – Europe: Turbulent and Mighty Continent

“In that encounter in the gloomy basement in Athens, I witnessed the problems of Europe today. I saw the need to conduct a detailed study of Europe based on fieldwork to look at precisely these issues. I saw the desperate need to discover a paradigm or method for the future that would allow Europe’s different cultures and peoples to understand one another better in order to live together in peace and harmony. To do so, we needed to locate an effective conceptual frame for our study in the context of the social sciences. I thus consulted the scholars who could best guide us.”

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