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A. Becoming Bilingual

1. What was your motive to learn another language?

In early 1970’s in Turkey, learning another language was not a part of the public school system, in particular, in the elementary school and during the first five-year years. However, after elementary school, starting in the middle school, public school system offered one-foreign language option and once-a-week as 40 min. within the following three: English, French and German

I had chosen English. On the other hand, I realized that once-a-week and total 40 min. based on the memorizing vocabulary and reading The Smith Family story alone was not enough.

Interview conducted by J.U.C. [Read more…]


L.M.: A Bilingual First Generation Immigrant
by J.U.C.

One language is one-person and two languages are two-persons
I have interviewed my own mom for this assignment, L.M. She was born and raised in Turkey, and as an adult became the first of her family to have legal residency in the United States.  She learned English by teaching herself before she came to the United States, where once she arrived,  the English language then became used in her daily vocabulary. [Read more…]
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