Endangered“(2008) by J.U.C. and Frank Ali was screened.
“Definition of the Awards: each category, $500 will be awarded for the winner of the 1st Place. 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive a trophy, plaque or certificate as well as recognition as a contributing author to a book which will be the culmination of all submissions in that given year to be printed within 2 years following the date of the Award Ceremony.”
In a nutshell, the J.U.C. M-R-W-A will be offered in 3 main categories:
1. Media 2. Research 3. Writings
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Introduction & Definition: J.U.C. MEDIA, RESEARCH AND WRITING, and potential SCHOLARSHIP

“Even though my hopes for his physical existence, intellect, and potential faded out, I am holding on to the hope he gave me at the age of 7.
I am still inspired by him, through his words, both written in paper and in my mind, that from this point on, I will NOT only focus on him, and/or on keeping my hope and love alive for my older son and grand-children, but also on expanding that hope and love from the borders of my immediate family to underprivileged children, kids and youth, to a global family.
Organization: The Light Millennium, Inc. A Charitable
Global Human Advancement Organization – Status# 501-c-3 – New York, 2001
Associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications

J.U.C. M-R-W-A CONCEPT, DEFINITION, TIMELINE, GUIDELINE, and on potential SCHOLARSHIP (booklet in pdf format.)

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"The U.S. Turkish Library & Museum For Friendship and Peace" project joined, and has been produced under the umbrealla of The Light Millennium Organization effective on October 15, 2015.