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Today, on the sidelines of the Eighth International Energy Forum, there are meetings, trainings and seminars on topical issues of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

To date, in Kazakhstan, there are 50 facilities for renewable energy and we plan to continue increasing their number, in collaboration with UNDP

Speakers and participants discuss the best practices for transition to a green economy, which are relevant not only for Kazakhstan but also for other countries. At the panel sessions, a lot of attention is given to investment in renewable energy. These issues are discussed by the heads and representatives of the five regional commissions of the United Nations, world organizations in charge of sustainable energy, and state agencies:

Martin Hullin, Project Manager, REN21
Zdenek Zbytek, Skoda representative
Vivien Foster, World Bank
Oleg Dzyubinsky, UNECE
William McLaughlin, UNIDO
Robert Hinrichs, Mondelez
Sergey Morozov, Arcelor Mittal
Hannes McNulty, BG Engineering Consulting
Mikhail Akim, ABB Russia
Natalia Jamburia, Georgian Ministry of Energy

Kazakhstan’s Energy sector and the Paris Agreement

Traditional sources of energy were also in the focus. They are strategically important for the sustainable economic growth of Kazakhstan. Thus, during the session “Best Practices in High Efficiency – Low Emissions (HELE). Coal Power Generation”, one of the speakers was Bakhytzhan Dzhaksaliev, the Deputy Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Ministry representative spoke about the role of coal for achieving the development goals of Kazakhstan, climate commitments and significance of the HELE technology (climate, air quality, energy security). The discussion of the role of coal after the Paris Agreement was continued by Barry Barrington, the Executive Director of the Energy Association of the United States. The speaker spoke about the trends and developments in the area of coal energy in the coming decades.

The United Nations Day at EXPO-2017 and the Eighth International Energy Forum

The second day of the Eighth International Energy Forum was the UN Day celebrated in the framework of EXPO.

In the afternoon, there were two dialogue, during which the interlocutors discussed the ability of the UN agencies to display their work and support countries in the field of sustainable energy. The sessions were attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan, UN, ESCWA, and UNDP.

Gani Sadibekov, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, noted, “To date, in Kazakhstan, there are 50 facilities for renewable energy and we plan to continue increasing their number, in collaboration with UNDP

In accordance with the agenda of the SDG7 meeting (Sustainable Development Goals), this dialogue will shed light on the importance of achieving the interrelated goals, which are universal access, energy efficiency enhancement and increased use of renewable energy in the global energy balance. The meeting will provide the participants with a platform to discuss the key issues:
• Importance of movement of all countries in the same direction;
• Role of the public and private sectors in financing the transition to renewable energy sources;
• Key measures to improve energy efficiency in cities around the world.

Gani Sadibekov also noted that a great event happened on 10 June – the Opening of the International Specialized Exhibition EXPO-2017, in the framework of which, on 11 June, ministers adopted a joint declaration and made a joint statement on the intent to establish an International Center for Green Technologies under the auspices of the UN in Astana. “We believe that this will be an excellent opportunity for the development of green energy in Kazakhstan and achieving the sustainable development goals,” said the Vice-Minister in the end of the session.

You can find more information about the press conferences of the Ministerial Conference and the Eighth International Forum on the official pages of the event:







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