Following a field expedition in India, Heather Koldewey, co-lead of the National Geographic Society’s Plastic Work and Sara Hylton, an award-winning photographer from National Geographic explain that people are unable to make the connection between dumping plastic into rivers and the impact on ocean pollution.

By Shirish BOHARA, Youth
NGO Rep. of The Light Millennium to the United Nations Department of Global Communications

Heather Koldewey stresses that while people do see plastic as an issue, it has become so ubiquitous that they can’t see any alternatives.

Planet or Plastic? is National Geographic’s multiyear effort to raise awareness about the global plastic trash crisis.

They just finished expedition in Gangas in India largest femalego on the ground and pull together partner with international team from Bangladesh, USA, Canada according to Heather Koldewey to study plastic pollution in river Ganga that considered as top 10 river in world they gathered environmental engineer, a crack team all of the women and visited 10 site.

National geographic “Planet or Plastic” initiative is a global movement and you can pledge for it, and also to find the solution that gone be locally and culturally important and actually works. She also added saying sustainable solution is what needed and the expedition was in 2 part that is 7 week in the hottest time of the year, and back again in october and to know what happen in monsoon period and finding out new metholodigy that range staring forward  simple new low cost technology.

Sarah Hylton is based in Mumbai India and in South Asia working for 9 Years.

She mention the health water is connected to the health of humanity. and she think that people still understand that plastic is an issue, not understanding the connection between river and the ocean. So, there are ways to tackle this and to deal with this issue is massive because the pollution is 1.3 billion people from picture of hers taken  we can actually see the plastic solution in real.

She think that attitude of people is that if they don’t live near the ocean and think why should they care my project and we are one planet and we have to come and help.

Its not about changing everything, its about small positive, she mention at last that we can all start by today to think each of our responsibility.

National geographic is doing is join the pledge.

Its not about someone else, we have to take our responsibility.

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