LMTV: OPEN CALL for On–Camera Poetry Reading on GANDHI’s Birthday

Immediate Release |  Date: September 13, 2018
The Light Millennium Television | LMTV

OPEN CALL for On–Camera Poetry Reading on GANDHI’s BIRTHDAY

Scheduled for: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2018
On the Occasion of the United Nation’s World Non-Violence Day (Oct. 2)
Mahatma Gandhi’s 149th Birthday  
(English version will be dedicated to Gandhi)
You are cordially INVITED to take a  part in the aforementioned two-half hour projects as both in English and Turkish on-camera at QPTV Studio A in Flushing, New York on Tuesday, October 2, 2018. 

MEDIA RELEASE (on the Lightmillennium.Org – pdf) FLYER as pdf  jpg

About LMTV |  Videography

Kitap: Bircan Ünver

IŞIK YOLLARINDA ~ İçindeki ışığı arayan tüm yeryüzü dostlarına

• WHEN: On Tuesday, October 2, 2018 (Gandhi’s Birthday)

•WHERE: Queens Public Television Facility | Facility Limited Studio Space/capacity. (No walk-ins. Confirmation and a government ID  with picture is required.)

• ADDRESS: 41-61 Kissena Blvd. Suite 2077, Flushing, NY, 11355

• TIME: 4:00 – 8:00pm. (Confirmed presenters expected to be at the Studio at 5:00/the latest 5:30pm.)

RSVP is a must
for on-camera presentations, please email to LMTV(at)lightmiLLeNNium.Org by September 29, 2018.

• Concept & Executive Producer: Bircan Ünver, LMTV

• Phone: 718-441-3816 (you may leave voice message or text to)
917-332-6364 (prior to the Sept. 29 deadline.)

• Web sites: www.lightmillennium.org | www.turkishlibrary.us

First e-responses to this CALL will be the first ones to take a part in the program.

REHEARSAL (including presenters-guests-crew group photo) taken into account

SHOOTING I : 6:00PM and on (in English)
SHOOTING II: 7:00PM and on (in Turkish > each program will be shot in segment.)
LANGUAGE: English & Turkish (each program will be consisted with one-language).

for participation by SEPTEMBER 29, 2018 via email to LMTV(at)lightmiLLeNNium.org .

Please email your selected or your own English or Turkish poems that will be contributing towards awareness on Non-Violence and promoting Culture of Peace & Global Peace that is including Bircan Ünver’s e-published English poems, selected poems from her Turkish poetry book, “Işık Yollarında” as well as your own poems/new or old pieces, or selected quote or poems from the World Poetry or brief statements.

• A collective outcome of your on-camera participations, which will be shaping the CONTENTS of these upcoming two LMTV programs.

Duration of each piece on camera: From 30 second up to max. 3 minutes.
As final product, there will be two 28 min. program to be scheduled on QPTV and MNN in November and December 2018. Consequently, these two programs also will be available online. 

    We are seeking musical contributions for the both studio shootings. (Based upon request, QPTV will provide a Yamaha piano). If you are interested in taking part in this studio taping please e-mail to: LMTV@lightmiLLeNNium.org
    (MiLLeNNium is with double LL and NN) by September 29, 2018.
  •  Submissions must be received by September 29.

1) Will be willing to sign the “Talent-Media Release” prior to the shooting.

2) A follow up confirmation by The Light Millennium TV will be sent. (No Walk-ins.
Confirmed names will be presented to the  CHARTER Building/former Time Warner Receptionist

3) The required duration of the each selected POEM or a newly written poem or selected short piece or quote will be between 30 seconds – 3 minutes.

4) Musicians and performances are limited from 3-to-max 5 minutes. Please indicate your instrument for sound set-up. Each musician or performer also will be represented with one or two pieces in the program.

5) All presenters, poets and musicians, as well as, the organizers/supporters of this project will be voluntarily contributing to the program.

6)  There is NO compensation or coverage available for transportation. It will be at your own expense.

7) You are WELCOME to be part of this project by e-mailing your selected Poems and/or titles along with its total reading duration to <LMTV(at)lightmiLLeNNium.Org>.  Your own unpublished poems also might be posted to the www.turkishlibrary.us website afterwards.

• Through QPTV and MNN local channels, LMTV programs have the potential to reach out over 5 million viewers in Queens and Manhattan, which also has a global outreach through on-line postings and social media sharing.

• Potential sponsorships and contributions to this upcoming LMTV shooting will cover the production costs and enable us to secure 6-8 crew members and provide a light reception for the participants and guests of the program.

• Your sponsorships will be reflected in the CLOSING credits and relevant media release along with your monetary donation(s) to The Light Millennium which will be tax deductible.
For your tax-exempt donation,
a check should be written to:
The Light Millennium, Inc.
Mailing address:  The Light Millennium – 87-82 115th Street Richmond Hill, NY, 11418 

[*] This project title is taken from the same titled poetry (1999, 2003) and the book title in translation,  “IŞIK YOLLARINDA” (2017).
2003 (in English)  | 1999 (in Turkish)

– Please visit the following page for QPTV’s Location >

The book IŞIK YOLLARINDA, will be available during the shooting.
About the Producer
(Video, 25th Anniversary – 3.58 min.  Produced in 2017.) 
About the Producer
(biography in Turkish)

About LMTV  |  Videography

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@lightmillennium #lightmillennium @The Light Millennium

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